Grinding and environmental policy

An environmental policy for sustainable grinding

At Lefaillet, we want to be a clean industry, so that our general grinding activity of precision turned parts is durable and sustainable.

At our Thyez site, in accordance with our environmental policy, we are committed to:


Ensuring respect for natural resources.


Dynamically and continuously improve the conditions for achieving a clean environment for the satisfaction of our customers and staff.

Taking the necessary steps…

Taking the necessary steps to ensure that environmental protection is an integral part of our company culture, and that it is present in the conduct of all our work and our business.


Securing environmental protection as an integral part of our company, through training, communication and working conditions that are in line with our objectives.

Providing appropriate information…

Providing our customers, suppliers and partners with appropriate information.


Developing environmentally friendly products and manufacturing processes, paying particular attention to anticipation, in order to comply with future environmental regulations, using new techniques that will better preserve natural resources.

Continuous improvement of environmental performance

Lefaillet is ISO 14001 certified.

The ISO 14001 standard relates to environmental management. It is based on the principle of continuous improvement of environmental performance through the control of impacts linked to the company’s activity.

For more information about our environmental policy and certifications, please contact us.

High Precision Grinding

Our grinding services for precision turned parts and machining

Internal cylindrical grinding

Internal cylindrical grinding is used to grind the inner part of circular parts.

External cylindrical grinding

External cylindrical grinding is used to grind cylindrical or conical parts.

Centerless grinding

Centerless grinding is a type of external cylindrical grinding suitable for large series of cylindrical parts.

Grinding and Pairing

Grinding can be combined with the pairing of complex turned parts.

Grinding and other services

Grinding can be accompanied by ancillary services, such as washing or packing and packaging.

Your precision turned parts can also go through combined grinding operations.

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