Grinding and pairing of precision turned parts

Grinding of turned parts is a machining technique that consists of machining mechanical parts to improve their precision and/or surface finish.

Different types of grinding can be used depending on the characteristics and shape of the part to be ground.

SA Lefaillet performs all these types of grinding, and can combine grinding and assembly of complex turned parts.

Grinding and pairing of turned parts

The combination of grinding operations with the pairing of turned parts can be particularly useful to the hydraulic sector, with the pairing of complex parts.

Lefaillet's expertise in grinding and pairing of complex parts

Lefaillet masters the pairing of complex precision turned parts to the micron and also carries out pairing operations by measurement class.

Some examples of grinding and pairing precision turned parts

Here are some examples of ground and paired precision turned parts, which are used in the hydraulic sector:

For more information or a quote for your grinding and pairing needs for precision turned parts, contact us!

High Precision Grinding

Our grinding services for precision turned parts and machining

Cylindrical internal grinding

Lefaillet takes care of the internal cylindrical grinding of your precision turned parts or precision machining parts.

External cylindrical grinding

Lefaillet can apply external cylindrical grinding between centers or in collets to your turned parts.

Centerless or plunge grinding

Lefaillet can process your turned parts with centerless throughfeed or plunge grinding.

Grinding and pairing of turned parts

Lefaillet can handle the grinding and pairing of your precision turned parts.

Other services for precision turned parts

Lefaillet can provide other services around the grinding of your precision turned parts.

Your precision turned parts can also go through combined grinding operations.

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