Our grinding services for precision turned parts and machining

Grinding, as applied to precision turned parts, is a machining technique that consists of improving the surface finish and/or the precision of a mechanical part.

Depending on the shape of the part to be ground, different types of grinding can be used.

Grinding is a machining process on machine tools which consists of removing material, in the form of chips, by means of a particular tool called a grinding wheel.

Grinding is used for precision reasons, which are related to the dimensions, surface conditions and hardness of the parts.

The main shapes produced by grinding are:

A: external cylindrical
B: external cone
C: profiled surfaces of revolution
D: bore
E: shoulder.

Your different types of grinding for your turned parts and precision machining

Internal cylindrical grinding

Internal cylindrical grinding is used to grind the inner part of circular shaped turned parts.

  • ∅ 6 to ∅ 120.
  • Length up to 100 mm.
  • Dimensional tolerance 0.01.
  • Geometric tolerance 0.005.

External cylindrical grinding

External cylindrical grinding is used for grinding cylindrical or conical parts.

  • ∅ 3 to ∅ 150.
  • Length up to 1 meter.
  • Dimensional tolerance 0.005.
  • Geometric tolerance 0.003.

Centerless grinding

Centerless grinding is a type of external cylindrical grinding suitable for large series of cylindrical parts.

  • ∅ to à ∅ 90.
  • Length up to 450 mm.
  • Dimensional tolerance 0.005.
  • Geometric tolerance 0.003.

Grinding and pairing of turned parts

Grinding can be combined with pairing of complex turned parts, with micron precision.

  • Micron precision.
  • High added value parts.
  • Complex parts.

Other grinding services

Grinding can be accompanied by ancillary services, such as washing or packing and packaging.

  • Time saving.
  • Clean and packaged parts ready for delivery.

Combination of several types of grinding

  • One contact person.
  • Technical optimisation.
  • Cost optimisation.
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